Space Race Pinball

The object of SPACE RACE

The operator places the ball on the launching pad. The customer then presses the launch control button. This sends the ball up the chute to be spilled on to the top of the playing board. The ball free falls from there bouncing to and fro off of the strategically located dowels, keying electronic eyes that activate different sound effects. The players goal is for the ball to return to the USA, which is located at the bottom of the playing area. There are 12 black holes of space located on the game board for the player’s ball to avoid. If it drops into a black hole the game has ended


In all markets, state and county fair, and festivals, SPACE RACE was operated on a prize everytime basis. We offered various $.20 to $ .40 inflates on any ball that was destroyed by a black hole, and different larger $1.75 to $2.50 inflates for a ball that was successfully returned to the USA. Each player was charged $3.00 for one ball, with each ball a winner. The reception has been spectacular!


It goes down the road as an 8’ by 28’ trailer with a fitted canvas cover. It has a slideaway hitch for easily backing into location. The game board is raised to a 55 degree pitch by a DC hydraulic cylinder. It comes with 6 colorful leather balls, vinyl skirting, custom graphics, and rotating flags on top of playing area. Professional CD sound system with built-in speakers. Unit is watertight. It can be operated in the rain.


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Sungate Concessions
13250 Northeast 60th Street
Williston, Florida 32696
Phone 352-208-1718

Pinball Total Price $65,000

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