Marshall Power Amplifier, Cabinet And Heritage Speakers


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The used power amp, (amplifer) is made by Marshall and the model is called 1959SLP 100 watt guitar head, also known as a "Plexi Head".

The used cabinet is also made by Marshall and the model is called 1960BV. However, this cabinet had been professionally modified to match Marshall's flagship amplifier the TSL100 Guitar Head. The difference between the stock cabinet and this one is instead of having four Vintage 30 speakers, it has two Vintage 30 speakers and two Heritage Speakers. It has also been rewired replacing the stock 22 gauge wire with 12 gauge speaker wire. This cabinet is a one of a kind enclosure and may be the only one of its kind in the world. This is why one of the pictures is an inside view of the speakers and wiring. As you can tell from the photo all the speakers are made by Celestion for Marshall Amplification and the Heritage Speakers are not easy to come by in fact, when I got them from Korg USA they were the only two 16 ohm Heritage Speakers in the country (Korg USA is the only supplier for Marshall amp, (amplifier) Products in the United States and they do not sell to the general public but only to dealers). Photos Below

Something that you need to be aware of is that the prices on all Marshall amplifier products have gone up and this will affect the resale value in that half of list price is the usual consumer resale value.

The 1959SLP Guitar Head lists for $2500, is sold new for $1750, and its resale value is $1250.

The 1960BV Guitar amplifier cabinet lists for $1250, is sold new for $880, and its resale value is around $625. However because of the modifications its resale value should be around $800.

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