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Below You Will Find Examples Of Typical Scams And Counterfeit Check Schemes.  If You Have A Story To Tell On A Scam Attempt Or Actual Scam Please Email To And It Will Be Posted Here.

Below Are A Few Scam Attempts That I Receive Daily.  It is highly recommended that you only deal with local buyers and sellers.  Avoid dealing with buyers outside of the country especially those from Nigeria and those individuals who say that they represent a buyer from a foreign country. Click on the above link for more information. 

Here is one I just received December, 2008

Good Morning, I am Mark Smith and i will like to know weather you do sell Custom Trailers and if you do sell them,reply me with the models,types and size with its price ranges you do have so that i can let you know the one and the quantity i am interest in purchasing.Once again i would like you to get me the form of payment that you accept.Hope to read from you soon. Best Regards. Mark

Fraud Example And Stories.

I too list frequently on craigs list, and have received the phony checks, but what happened this week was unreal. I had a hot tub listed for 1500, I was contacted via e-mail and phone regarding the sale and shipment. I agreed to accept certified funds 2500 and pay the shipper on arrival. I received a certified check, my bank verified the check and the funds and cashed it. I waited 5 days , then figured it was good I contacted the buyer and arranged p/u sat. A man showed up with a trailer loaded the hot tub, I gave him the 1000, I agreed to out of the check. All went well, then Tue. of the following week the bank called , the checked was returned refer to maker. It was a scam, the stamped signature was no good. I guess we need to deal with good old cash. As I'm now out a 1000 and a hot tub. Not to mention the phone number is no longer in service and when I searched the address from the envelope of the check, I found a number to another scammed victim. Frank

I LOVE these guys! I am an avid seller on the local Craigs list site and almost always have something for sale. I am also constantly bombarded with misspelled emails from scammers in Africa. Read More

Beware of this Scam: Counterfeit Cashiers Check Used to Buy Your Car from a so-called perspective buyer from British Columbia.  This buyer was contacted by phone.  Read complete scam details here..

Two years ago I had a rare red-front macaw (parrot) for sale. I got the scams coming in from all over the WORLD! The one I remember the most was the one (supposedly) from England, wanting to pay me more than I was asking. They did the typical “I’ll pay you 1000 American dollars more than you want for the bird and you can just use the money to ship the bird and keep the rest.” Well, my mother had a philosophy regarding this – It was “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” These people were very persistent, however, and finally I told them that the bird was RARE and was NOT leaving the country. So, folks, DO NOT let YOUR greed get in the way of your negotiations, and do not take the bait. If you have something for sale and cannot sell it in the United State of America, then maybe it was not meant to be sold. Markita

I have a motorcycle for sell and I had a man write me and ask about it and I wrote him back and told him all about the bike. He wrote me and told me he was going to buy the bike.  He said he was going to send me a check for $12,500 which was $5,000 over the asking price and as soon as I got it and put it in the bank I was to send him the $5,000 back to him for shipping and handling. I guess you can figure out I did not accept his offer. THANKS ROGER

I had a man named Michael Downs contact me several times regarding my concession trailer that I have for sale. The only question he ever asked about the trailer was if I would drop my price $1,000. If I agreed to that he had a client that would buy it. I agreed to his price. He also said that he would send me the $26,000 for the trailer and an additional $9,000 that I would have to mail to the transportation company. He said the trailer was going to London. I received the cashiers check in the amount of $35,000, yesterday 5/29/07. Thank goodness, I had my bank contact the bank on the check which was in California, to check its authenticity. As I suspected, it was fraud. He contacted me via telephone today 5/30/07 and instructed me to send 2 separate money orders or wire transfers to an address in Atlanta, GA. and then someone would pick up my trailer on Sat. I told him I would be happy to hand over $9,000 in cash to him, but it would have to be at my place of residence and in person. That is what the local sheriff told me to tell him. The sheriff also said not to expect him, in which I didn't. Michael was not going for that and was persistent on me wiring the money. I couldn't hold back any longer and let him know that I was aware of the fact, that the check was fraud. At that point in time, he hung up. Be careful people. Amen to: "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

More Fraud Attempts

hello am very lucky to see what am looking for is about you car,i want to know if you still have it for sale because am interested in buying i want you to give me your last offer and the conditions of your car and even the pics but to let you know my mode of payment is by cheque,GOD bless you as you receive this message(amen) regards

I am buisness man based in holland ,and other european countries,and also in the states, i saw your bike ,and im interested in buying it ,pls for these trasaction to take place ,you will have to give me your contact phone number and your personal address. but first of all i need you to mail me weather or not you are ready to make the trasaction,if you are then you will have to send me the amount you will  sell it .do not worry about the shipping ,my shipping company will handle that . i will pay by cheque .thank you . i hope to do buisness with you soon . regards.

i reside in the eastern part of  Amsterdam, Holland. I saw your advert placement on the net for the sale of  your ENSONIQ KS-32 ROM . I am interested in the purchase of the car. Please  do get back to me reaffirming your asking price and the present condition of  the bike. However kindly let me hear from you in earnest so that i can arrange  for payment. All shipping expenses would be borne by me. Also please send  photo if available for client's viweing.

Hi, I specialise in purchase of auto machines for customers in Asia,Africa and Europe. I saw your advert on the web and wish to find out if the ITEM is still available. If available.send me the pix and that of the interior if you can Pls get back to me urgently if still available because that is exactly what my client is looking for. regards

Hello, We are contacting you in respect to your vehicle advertised for sale. Please indicate your final price and get back to us, if its still available. Thanks.

Hello, I saw your car on net and i have a client who is interested in buying it. Please get back to me immediately. Best Regards,

Good Day, My Name is Frank Tubor.As regarding to your advert the below described car .  "1974 Chevy corvette stingray "  A client of mine is interested in purchasing a car of this nature.I would like to know the present condition of the car and also know the actual price  you are offering to sell the car at the moment.Also the mode of payment would be by a Certified Check and also i would gladly like my shipper to handle the shippment of the car.I will want to view the pics of the car if you dont,mind and also, kindly get back to me with these information for payment issument.  Name, ddress, City, State, Zipode and telephone numbers (home,cell and work).  I'll be expecting to read from you soon with acceptance on my offer.  Best Regards.

We purchase, Pick up, deliver Automobiles(eg. Motorbikes, pleasure cars, heavy duty equipment etc) for out client when contracted. At present, we have client who has indicated interest in your automobile that was advertise on the Net. Please we would want to know if it is still available and if it is, kindly send us : (i) - The final/Bottom price of the automobile (ii) -The mileage (iii) -Recent Pics (iv) - Why you are selling the automobile (v) -If the automobile have a clear title Any other detail you may wish to give us. The above question are part of out company policy when purchasing automobiles. so don't find them embarrasing to answer. I hope to read from you.


If You Have A Story To Tell On A Scam Attempt Or Actual Scam Please Email To And It Will Be Posted Here.

Warning:  Beware of email scams    It is highly recommended that you only deal with local buyers and sellers.  Avoid dealing with buyers outside of the country especially those from Nigeria and those individuals who say that they represent a buyer from a foreign country. Click on the above link for more information. 


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