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I am a very new runner. I joined a group of women who teach other women to run, as silly as that sounds. They build us up gradually to eventually run our first 5K. When I started I liked to say I couldn't run to my mailbox and it was true. I had always wanted to run and just couldn't do it. I guess I started out too big. Anyway, we are in about week 6 or so. I can run about a mile and a half without a hitch. I certainly am not going to win any races but I want to be able to finish. I am not fast by any stretch of the imagination, but I persevere. I've lost 11 pounds running and eating off of the heart smart diet with my husband for his cholesterol. He's lost about 25 pounds!

I think learning to run at the age of 46 is one of my proudest accomplishments. Crossing the finish line in my first 5K in May will be another one. And I will. :)











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Weight Loss Success Stories
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