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I always told myself I wasn't and never would be a runner. The thought of going out for the cross country team was something that almost made me cry just thinking about it. I was deathly afraid of running and knew it was something I would never do.

I'm only 16 years old and I weighed 270 pounds. It was amazing, I even played basketball and did track. I was always extremely active, so the weight I carried was always un-usual. I tried many different diets and many different pills. I have plenty of friends luckily (even with the weight I was at), but they are all the skinny pretty cheerleader and soccer player girls so I always felt left out. My weight was starting to become a huge issue in my life and not just my parents. I finally realized why it was such a huge deal to them, that i loose weight.

So, I took the step and joined the cross country team, it was an absolute scary thing, but I wanted my body to be better, so I took the challenge. I have lost about 70 Lbs. and now weigh about 200. And I absolutely love running. I'm in the middle of my cross country season, and I love competing and being out there. Sure, I'M not the fastest girl on the course, but that's not why I'm doing it. I'm doing it for myself, to be better, healthier, and happier. And its working!

This has amazed myself and many others. My dream of being normal is finally here! I can wear a size 12 and normal shirts now. And I LOVE IT!! My life hasn't felt so great for as long as I can remember!






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Weight Loss Success Stories
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