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In Summer of 2008 I weight just over 200 pounds. I'd spent the winter and spring losing the first 77 pounds walking and using the trampoline. Now at a plateau, I decided I had to ramp it up yet again and went out for my first jog/ walk since the 7th grade.

A year later I weighed 150, 10 pounds below my max healthy BMI. I decided to run a half marathon. I finished in 1:51. It was the first race I'd ever run.

I shook my head and stamped my feet every time someone suggested I might go on to do a full marathon, but when I crossed the finish line in Santa Rosa I realized I'd caught the bug. During my training for Redding Marathon in January I realized that not only had I caught the bug, but I wanted to give it to others as well.

I got certified as a personal trainer in December.

I completed Redding Marathon on January 16 at a time of 3:58.

I became a run coach and coached run groups couch to 10K and several hundred pounds of weight lost.

In July I ran my second marathon, San Francisco. For a time of 3:39:49.
I qualified for Boston. And registered for the Boston Marathon in October.

In December I am running CIM and bringing my very first run client with me. Next year, 4 days before my birthday, I am running my first ultra. A 50K in Pacifica.

I have lost and maintained no less than 130 pounds.

There's more about my journey on my blog,
http://getalegupforlife . blogspot . com

Dreams are just Plans for which no goals have yet been set. Reality is just the dream of someone who's goals have been achieved.














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Weight Loss Success Stories
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