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I can tell you a little about my story

I have battled being heavy for over 20 years, plus I had developed diabetes 14 years ago too. It had got too a point when I weighed over 350 lbs June 2002. By December 2002 my doctors goal was 200lbs my doctor had too make a decision, either surgery or weight watchers. I went with weight watchers I weighed in Friday December 14, 2002 at 352.2 by January 2006 I hit my goal and by July 2007 I hit my low at 183 total weight loss was 186.6 I am now on my 3rd year of keeping it off I went from 58 waist to 34-36 shirts from 2-3xxl too large or exlarge my diabetes is way under control even my blood work I can play tennis again I walk 1hr day and feel great.

Jeff Julius
Chandler, Arizona















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Weight Loss Success Stories
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