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My name is Jennifer Mashburn, I live in a rural town in northeast Alabama, I have been
overweight all my life, I went through school overweight, always felt it held me back some,
I was very gifted, being the salutorian of my senior class, at a small Christian school that I transferred to in the ninth grade, I still feel I missed out on a lot during those school years,
I met a wonder man during my freshman year, His aunt was the administrator of the school. We automatically clicked, He loved me just the way I was, We were married in October of 2000. Both of us have good jobs, and I soon discovered my love for shopping had really blossomed after I went to work, I've always love pretty things and lots of them, A day of shopping is medicine to my very being, Shopping for an obese person is not so funny. You cant find pretty things in large sizes, They all look like clothes for Grandmas, and I refused to wear a grandma outfit just because it fit, So I began shopping at Lane Bryant, and other large retail plus size stores as well as online, I was spending a fortune, I love to dress up and have everything match but it was getting ahead of my pocketbook, So I decided Id
loose the weight, and pretty things would not be so expensive and I could shop at consignment shops and thrift stores better being slimmer, Plus my mother was overweight and it was really hurting her health now as she was older, and I didn't want that to happen to me,
I just decided Id make my own diet, and exercise plan, I could do it as well as I could pay someone big bucks to do it,, and id rather have that extra money to shop. I started on may 20, 2007 at a beginning weight of 324 pounds with a BMI of over 60 which makes me morbidly obese. I decided I would try first cutting out my junk food, especially sweets, and just make that a one time treat maybe once a week, or once every two weeks, I actually found out I didn't need the sweets at all, so I stopped them, Me and my husband loves Mexican food, and we also love to eat out, We both have hard jobs, no kids, and I prefer not to spend my off time cooking, So when we eat out now, we stay away from high fat foods, fast foods, and eat in the most healthy places ,, concentrating on the salad bars. If we do get a high fat treat,, we half the meal, my husband lost 30 pounds that now he is trying to put some back on, the lucky dog.! The first night I started my walking program I thought id die, my legs and back hurt awful, I walked ten min a night building up as I went along to 30 min a night, Now I walk two miles and jog one, The weight just came falling off, People started noticing me at work and the public, as I work with the public, I went to my family physician and weighed every week, He monitored my weight as I went along, I have now been dieting for nine months and have lost a total of 119 pounds, I like about 40 pounds to go, I want to set a realistic weight goal. , one that I can live with, I can always come on down some, if I wish,
I am enclosing before and after pictures, The before picture was made in July of 2006 at Gulf Shores Alabama. The after picture was made Feb 1,2008 in my living room at our home in Altoona Alabama.
Thank you for allowing me to share my story, Now I eat to live instead of live to eat, It is still hard to turn down the deserts, , but If I can do it anyone can, The key to weight loss to me is portion control and moderation,

Jennifer Mashburn









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Weight Loss Success Stories
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