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I have always HATED running. Any exercise but swimming was awful to me, and my body showed it. As a kid, I was scrawny and clumsy, and preferred music and reading to anything outside. In high school (at about 175) I was teased for having a large rear end, but didn’t do anything about it, just attributed it to genetics and moved on. Got married to a sweet but genetically predisposed to heavy man in 1992, and by the fall of 2002, weighed in at 220 pounds after having 2 children. I had “tried” to lose weight, so I thought, but not really. In October my hubby and I went to Las Vegas for a weekend, and having walked up and down the strip for several hours, went back to the hotel, where I started having heart palpitations, and I got scared. I thought about my dad, who has had heart problems since turning 34 and was by no means overweight, and realized that I was 33. This was not encouraging to me. So I was talking to a friend who was there with us the following day, and she suggested Weight Watchers and she would go with me. We started the following week. So far I have lost 68 pounds, with 6 to goal. But back to my first statement. I have always hated running in the past.  While I don’t know that I will ever LOVE running, I do get out now and run at least 3 times per week, and if the weather is bad, I go on my treadmill. Before the treadmill has always been a very expensive clothing rack. Now I get exercise nearly every day, and am on track to train for 2 marathons, a qualifying one for Boston, and Boston on my 38th Birthday. I also intend to be in several prior races before that, not to win, but to run. Being this close to 145 is motivating and has my imagination going all the time. I can’t remember the last time I was 145, but it sure feels different when I am walking or running and carting that little around as opposed to the nearly 70 pounds extra. I couldn’t run with the extra weight, and now I can. Maybe I am catching a glimpse of why people run…….

Jill Peterson Draper, UT





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Weight Loss Success Stories
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