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My biggest accomplishment Ok so those of you who wonder why I obsess about my weight loss I've decided to post a pretty picture of me from December 2001. It's a huge deal to me because (as anyone who's ever been grossly overweight knows), I was so miserable with myself and how I looked....which got me depressed, which made me eat. I had no energy. I never went out with my friends. I didn't get to wear cute clothes. I didn't get hit on by cute boys. I was moody and felt hopeless about it. This picture was taken on a cruise I went on to Mexico. It for some reason hit me on this trip that I refused to look like this. I've seen pictures of my mom at my age and she was gorgeous and thin. I didn't want to have to show my kids this and have them laugh or say how fat I was. So, thanks to my great friend Sheri Amour (I love ya Sherstar) who started weight watchers, I began the diet (or new way of eating as I call it) with her. I never went to the meetings and got all the material from Brian's mom because she had quit going and slowly began my long journey. I won't say what my exact weight was, but I can say I weigh a little over 100lbs less now. I'm proud of myself. It took determination and desire and willpower. It's how I know I can do anything if I want it bad enough. I'm not a super model and I'm not a toothpick now, but I feel confident in myself and am having a lot of fun. For anyone out there who wants to lose weight here's my advice......Don't expect it quickly....when I started, I planned to lose it slowly so I wouldn't gain it back......don't get discouraged when you cheat...It took me a long time, but it's so worth it cuz as my favorite saying goes: NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!! I'm not full of myself or anything, just proud and if I can inspire someone else to feel better about themselves then I will......Love ya'll and I hope this gives ya a better understanding about my obsession.











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Weight Loss Success Stories
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