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I have always had a problem with weight and then after college and trying to make it on my own, I gained a lot of weight with no time to exercise and eating a lot of fast foods. I started the Atkins diet and exercise in November 2003, weighing in at 175 pounds. By May of 2004 I had dropped down to 140 pounds and was wearing a two piece bathing suit again. Then by July I was down to 130 pounds and wearing a size 4/5 jeans. I had kept the weight off for one year until I got pregnant in February and I told myself that was an excuse to eat whatever I wanted! Well, the last 4 months of my pregnancy I was on bed rest and the weight PILED on like I was a bear going into hibernation. After the birth of my daughter in October 2005 I lost 25 pounds the first week (baby weight and fluids). Then I started the Atkins diet again November 14, 2005 and as of today (January 3, 2006) I have lost 20 pounds. I still have a few more to go but I need to start working out again and I know the weight will fall off even faster. Just think I have lost 20 pounds in 1-1/2 months without working out, and I eat when I am hungry. That is my kind of diet!










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Weight Loss Success Stories
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