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I used to hate running. I Remember every time I had to run 2-miles for the physical fitness test I would always walk it and would end up getting a 28:37 2-mile. Then I all of a sudden I Started to wonder do I Always want to be this slow for the rest of my life. That's when I forced Myself to Like running. Knowing I can accomplish this task I trained hard and ran hard. Now I Think of running as my own little drug. I Can't have a good day unless I run even if its late at night or early in the morning. Thanks to running I am now a successful runner in my Track and Cross Country team. No more 28:37 2-mile, and hello to my 12:32 2-mile. Remember on thing if running isn't your thing, learn to love it and you can run towards your dreams quickly and leave everybody behind.


At 16 I was 250lb and I decided I wanted to do something about it, so through my sophomore to junior year in high school I managed to lose 80 pounds and now that I am a senior I decided to run cross country, indoor and outdoor track and have managed to get down to a 5:23 mile. through a strict diet, determination and some running I have turned my life around.  Dylan W.









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Weight Loss Success Stories
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