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Daniel Hawthorne

Hello, my name is Dan. The past 8 months of my life has been amazing. I cant begin to tell you how much has changed and what has happened. We are getting lots of local media attention. I never thought 8 months ago, I would be inspiring and helping so many lives. Its all about giving back and paying it forward now. Life is amazing and I'm thankful everyday for this gift I was given ( a second chance to live). The story of how I got to such a bad place is as important as how I got to were I am today. Its a story that deals with, depression, faith, over coming, confidence, fear, hope, challenges, motivation, friendship and most important, health and weight loss. Several book publishers have expressed interest in our story, but I am not a writer. I was lucky to get a B in school. I can speak in front of thousands of people, but I cant write. I will send you some links to the story. I hope you can see a book in this as others have. I want to share my story and help all those who are in that very dark place were I once was. Have a great day, and I hope to hear from you...Dan

Our local Newspaper is doing a series on my journey. Here is the first installment

Back in June, our local NBC station did our story. This was 50 plus pounds ago, but a good piece http://your4state.com/fulltext?nxd_id=195147

Hagerstown Community College is were everything happens. I never went to college, but I have become a honorary student here, and they have all become my family. Here is the story they put out in the college paper http://www.hagerstowncc.edu/news-events/110726/life-altering-partnership-develops-hcc%E2%80%99s-fitness-center

My trainer/buddy also have a FB page. Its connected to our FTNS show, but its a place for inspiration and encouragement.

My personal FB page https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=537455093

Daniel Hawthorne

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Weight Loss Success Stories
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