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All signs are made of .040 aluminum inserts and steel frames. No riders are available with the standard signs. If riders are needed please call or e-mail  for details.

Two colors of lettering and two different fonts can be used in the standard sign pricing. No shadowing or outlining of lettering is included in the standard pricing.

Sign Colors Available: White is the only color available with the standard sign, but we can make them any color for an additional $2.50 per side.

Standard Lettering Colors: Red, White, Blue, Black, Green, and Yellow

Standard Fonts Available: Arial Black, Bolder Black, Chance Ext. Bold, FF Brush Bold, Artist REM Bold, Coffee Wide It Bold, Precision Bold

Standard Sign Pricing: .10 cents per square inch  (single sided)                

                                      .08 cents per square inch (double sided)

                                  18"x 24"         20"x 28"      24"x 36"                  

single sided               $43.20              $56.00          $86.40

double sided              $69.12              $89.60          $138.24



We have every different style of frame available. Please inquire with special requests.

Custom Colors, Fonts, Graphics, Shadowing, and Outlining available.

Remember: We have thousands of different colors, fonts and graphics. We also accept e-mails of graphics and logos.

Please call or e-mail for custom banner pricing. 









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