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I'm Marc and I had the red 1994 Suzuki RF600 for sale listed on your site. I just sold the bike today, 4/1/06. Please remove it from your site. Thanks for the help and I'll be sure to recommend your site to friends. Marc

I would like to cancel my ad as I sold it through your web site. Can't tell how pleased I am that it sold. I also ran expensive ads in the newspaper but I got the most response from your site! Thank you Robert Septor 1998 Mercury Mountaineer Lake Mary, FL

I have recently sold my camper that I had advertised on your site. The camper is a 2003 Jayco Eagle in Arlington Hts., Illinois (Kara Landeweer). Could please remove the ad at your convenience? Thank You Very Much for placing my ad! Your service was very instrumental in selling my camper!  Read More Testimonials

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