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Beware of this Scam: Counterfeit Cashiers Check Used to Buy Your Car

I put up a car for sale on this site. After three or so weeks, I got a call from a so-called perspective buyer from British Columbia - yes that's right Canada. I'll only use the initials (P.M.) since his foreign speaking dialect didn't match the American-sounding name he chose to use. Let the details below serve to enlighten all so that we can form a unified front against scam/con artists who take advantage of others and who are without conscience.

Tuesday 6:09 PM
Caller left this message: "Hi [seller's name] this is ah… P.M., can you give me a call… I’m interesting in your, ah… [wrong car's name]... ah [correct car's name]. The phone number is [wireless number]. Bye."

Tuesday 6:42 PM
P.M. called and asked if my car was still for sale. I acknowledged that it was. He asked if I had the title and was only vaguely interested in the details of the car itself. He asked about the mileage and if it was running and that was all he asked about the car. He quickly went into his pitch. He said he would have to check with his manager but indicated that since it was late (which didn’t make sense to me since the time difference in British Columbia wouldn’t be that late for a credible business) and thus a cashiers check wouldn’t get here until Thursday. He informed me that once I got the check I should call him back immediately.

Thursday 9:30 AM
I received an overnight UPS package and opened it immediately. I noticed that the check cash amount was more than four times the agreed upon price. Something didn’t seem right to me. The more I thought about it, my gut said that something is wrong with this picture.

Thursday 11:19 AM
I received a call at 11:19 AM. I didn’t pick up because I noticed the number was from Alberta this time instead of British Columbia. I suspected it was the so-called buyer and decided to allow the person to leave a message and he did. Here’s what he said: "Hi, ah… [seller's name] ah… my name is … ah [pause] P., give me a call back... I’m the gentleman who is buying your car from you, give me a call back on [wireless number] thank you."

Thursday 11:30 AM
Wondering why someone in Canada would be using a bank in Arizona, I called the bank on the Cashiers check using the 800 number from their web-site. I spoke with [bank rep] from [bank] and I asked her if she serviced Canada. She replied "no" and asked why. I asked her if it was possible to verify that a Cashiers check under her bank’s name was valid. She indicated that this was a bad check and that the FBI is involved.

Thursday 11:30 AM
I also called the local office of the FBI. Spoke with Agent [name] and explained the above. He requested that I forward along to him the documents mailed to me.
In conclusion, several things didn't make sense about this transaction. (1) Friendly tone and pleasant expressions, (i.e. thank you, please, gentleman interested in buying your car, etc.). but no real interest in the details of the car. (2) Purchaser was supposedly from an another country - I doubt it as the phone number turned out to be wireless. (3) The the buyer only wanted to pay by Cashiers check and no wonder... it turned out to be counterfeit, abeit very real looking! (4) A take-charge response to how the details of the purchase would play out. (5) The so-called buyer had to pause to think about what name they were currently using - I can't remember the last time I forgot my own name!

Buyer, beware! Sell only local (as mentioned repeatedly on this site) and in person. We all have been taught that a casheirs check is "as good as money" - well, not always! If you do accept a cashiers check from a local buyer make arrangements that you have to wait until the funds clear (several days in some cases) before they can pick the car up. I hope this helps to protect others against this criminal activity which appears in many variations!

- Client of


If You Have A Story To Tell On A Scam Attempt Or Actual Scam Please Email To And It Will Be Posted Here.

Warning:  Beware of email scams    It is highly recommended that you only deal with local buyers and sellers.  Avoid dealing with buyers outside of the country especially those from Nigeria and those individuals who say that they represent a buyer from a foreign country. Click on the above link for more information. 

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