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  9 Year Old Bay Imported Gelding $7,500 obo


Name: Sydney Jewell
Phone: 512.273.0295
City: Lexington
State: Tx
Breed: Imported Warmblood
Age: 9
Gender: Gelding
Color: bay with a perfect "?" on forehead
Height: 16.2
Weight: 1700
Price: 7500.00 OBO


HRB LAWRENCE (a.k.a. Stryder)
Gorgeous Flashy WB Gelding FOR SALE

HRB Lawrence (a.k. a. STRYDER) is a beautiful 16.2h bay gelding with 4 white socks and a “?” marking on forehead and he is a flashy mover! Loads, shoe, clip & ties great. Stryder’s pedigree is well documented from Argintinia. Stryder has done some recent schooling shows and enjoys them & does well. Stryder has been previously trained with: Natalie J. Killebrew Promise Land Farms, LLC. 3905 Swift Creek Road Smithfield, NC & at Spellbound Farm, Van Alstyne, TX

Stryder is currently out on lease & is in training under Barbie Piccinni : White Fences Equestrian Center - Texas. & is in training for low level dressage & low level jumping Asking price has been lowered from $15,000 FOR SALE $7500. OBO
No resonable offer will be refused.

· Dressage schooling
· Will take experienced intermediate / advanced rider/trainer
· Beautiful, flashy mover

Stryder, has a wonderful temperament. Stryder will require an experienced intermediate / advanced rider. As he is in training...He is very approachable no matter his mood. He is very easy to work with and a quick learner. He trailers and clips. He will need more work on his canter transitions and leads though, already going well under-saddle and jumping. easy keeper, all health care is up to date and done consistently, sound barefoot, no lameness history at all, goes in a French snaffle bit loads, ties, cross ties, clips, bathes, free lunges and lunges on a line, comes when called, can catch in an open field. Comes running when the owner calls...Likes dogs and horses, good manners can be ridden today, totally sound, sweet, never pins his ears, waits for you at the gate, can get a little nosy when you have treats- likes to jump, easily trained, smart, good with other animals, good with horses, good with farriar and vet, will stand in cross ties for the farriar view more photo’
s @

HRB LAWRENCE is registered: USEF 4780701 Hrb Lawrence AAFE Asociaciуn Argentina de Fomento Equino
Foaled: : 11-09-99

Pertinent Data
HRB Lawrence

Breed: Sachsen Anhalt Warmblood

Sire: H.R.B. HARCOS (SA)


Foaled: 11-9-99

Common Name: Stryder

Descripton of Equine

The subject equine was of the Equus Caballus Species. The following is a descripton of the appraised animal(s):

‘HRB Lawrence’
Bay with 3 white rocks on LF, RH, LH and white coronet band on RF, irregular white blaze 16.2 Hands, Gelding
Registered with AAFE Asociaciуn Argentina de Fomento Equino

This horse scored above average in conformation and above average in temperament.

Training/Show Experience:
Stryder, has a wonderful sweet personality but, he also has spirit and wants to play like any young gelding. However, he is very approachable no matter his mood. He is very easy to work with and a quick learner. He trailers and clips and is presently in training under saddle. Beautiful, flashy mover, Stryder free jumps 3'. He is out on lease right now @ White Fences. Very correct jumping form. He does his lead changes and is fun to ride. Has been used in a lesson program. He’s showed slight navicular changes (xrays were done to make sure she wasn't injured). This has not altered his working ability. He’s also has been x-rayed and did show a bone spur on right rear hock again no signs of pain ever & is currently in training @ White Fences with no issues.

Horse: H.R.B. Lawrence a.k.a. Stryder

Proportions Definition Standard Value Score
Body Length (a) Point of Should to Point of Buttock 10% Greater than (b) Excellent 3.5

Height at Withers (b) Ground to Withers 16H or Greater 17.2 3.7

Back Length (c) Point of Withers to Point of Croup < 50% of (a); Excellent 3.5

Rib Cage Length (d) Point Of Withers To Last Rib On Diagonal (d) > (c) Good 3.4

Rib to Hip (e) Last Rib to Point of Hip (e) < 6-inches Good 3.4

Pelvic Length (f) Point of Hip to Point of Buttock (f) > 1/3 of (a) Good 3.4

Pelvic Angle (g) Deviation from parallel to ground (g) > 15-degrees Good 3.2

Peak of Withers (h) (h) Behind the point of elbow Good 3.4

Arm (i) Point of Shoulder to Point of Elbow (i) > .5 Shoulder Excellent 3.6

Shoulder/Arm Angle (j) (j) > 90 degrees Excellent 3.7

Pastern Length (k) Pastern compared to Cannon Bone (k) = .5 to .75 of Cannon Bone Length Excellent 3.6

Pastern Angle - Front Deviation from Perpendicular Excellent = 45-dgrees Excellent 3.6

Pastern Angle - Back Deviation from Perpendicular Excellent = 45-dgrees Excellent 3.6

Stifle Position Compared to Point of Hip; & Compared to Elbow Directly Below Hip; Lower Than Elbow Excellent 3.5

Femur (l) Compared to Gaskin (l) > gaskin length Good 3.4

Hock Compared to Knee Higher than Knee Excellent 3.5

Groin Depth (m) Compared to Girth Depth M = Girth Depth Excellent 3.6

Foreleg Correctness Front Correct Excellent 3.5

Hindleg Correctness Rear Correct Excellent 3.6

Foreleg Correctness Side View Correct Excellent 3.5

Hindleg Correctness Side View Excellent 3.6

Habits Cribbing, Kicking Biting, Woodeating None of these traits 0

Total *Excellent = 4, Good = 3, Fair = 2, Poor =1 57-71.0 Good; 71.25 – 76 Excellent 73.8
57 – 71.0 Good

Please contact: Sydney Jewell – Lexington, Tx





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