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2003 Concession Trailer In Virginia

2003 Fibre Core 7' x 14' Fiberglass Concession Trailer


2003 Fibre Core 7' x 14' Fiberglass Concession Trailer - $25,000.00

This concession trailer was originally designed as a self-contained mobile pizza kitchen and
can be operated if no electric and/or water hook-up available.

. Two service windows
. Four 30# propane tanks
. 28.5-gallon capacity fresh water tank
. 42.5-gallon capacity wastewater tank

. Two Lincoln Impinger II propane conveyor ovens
. Cornelius five-head post-mix beverage dispenser with ice chest
. Beverage-Air eight-compartment prep table with refrigeration unit
. Silver King refrigerator
. Silver King 6.5 cu. ft. freezer
. Six-gallon hot water heater
. Food warmer and holding racks
. Three-compartment sink with cover that can be used as a prep area
. Hand wash sink

Extras included with trailer:
. Generator - 2003 Honda ES6500 (electric hook-up cables included)
. Cash box
. Message light - for advertising
. Wire rack - for storing extra items off the ground
. Small coffee pot
. Three napkin holders
. Toolbox - filled with tools
. Easel - for advertising menu
. Table and cover - a place for condiments
. Eleven plastic containers - includes electric cables, water hoses and filter, spare parts,
utensils, and various sundry items
. Two five-gallon water containers
. Ice bin - for holding bottled drinks
. Two trash cans
. Extra co2 tank
. Seven coolers - (3) 120 qt. & (4) 70 qt. - used for storing extra supplies






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19_generator.jpg (245449 bytes) 06_interior_right.jpg (264195 bytes)

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