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  March 21, April 18, May 16 Northeast Harbor, Maine

Contact : Jerry Miller
Address : p.o. box 600
City : Mount Desert
State : Maine
Zip : 04660
Phone : 207-266-1084
Auction Dates : March 21, April 18, May 16
Location : The Neighborhood House
City : Northeast Harbor
State : Maine
Website :

Additional information : We are a full service Appraisal and Auction company. We started the business in 1992. Since that time we have appraised many of the estates in the area and have sold items at auction that range from $ 25,000.00 clocks and $6,000.00 ship's journals to table lots of collectables. It has always been our feeling that it is a lot more fun to sell a full range of items rather than concentrating on antiques only. There is always something for everyone at our sales. Having the range, and providing fresh to the market items, make our sales entertaining and user friendly. Ask anyone.


1992 ' 2009 Owner, Jerry Miller and Company, a full service auction and appraisal company
1991 ' 1992 Assistant Auctioneer, Douglas auctioneers, South Deerfield Mass.
1983 ' 1984 Shop Manager, G.K.S. Bush, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

Member, Certified Appraisers Guild of America
Licensed Maine Auctioneer. # 1064





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